Your wedding, your way! Vegas Elopement

As a wedding photographer, I often get asked: ‘what are your favourite parts of weddings and how do I have the best wedding possible?’ The answer simple; DO IT YOUR WAY!

Most people only get married once in their lifetime (hopefully) and therefore it is so important that you celebrate your love for each other, however you feel is right for you.

The tradition of a wedding originated over 23,000 years ago, and has evolved with the passing of time. It is brilliant if you wish to keep to family traditions with your wedding celebration, but it is important to note that there are no rules on how to celebrate your love. If you want to do it differently, your way, and with your own style, then do it.

Let me tell you my wedding story.

Freddie and I met 7 years ago at a mutual friend’s party, and after a rollercoaster 5 years together he popped the question whilst we were on holiday in Cancun, Mexico. The whole day was fabulous, filled with incredible twists and turns. Once we returned from a romantic boat trip, he took me for a walk down the beach. Whilst walking down the beach to the perfect spot, he starts singing what we always said would be our first dance song: ‘Baby I’m yours’ by Artcic Monkeys. I remember thinking how perfect this evening is and how much I love this man. He is my best friend and I am so happy that he came into my life.

Once we found our perfect spot, we decided to dip our feet in the ocean, he then turned around, got on one knee and popped the question. I was speechless. I did not believe this was happening to me and to be honest I didn’t believe it until I saw the ring. I always said I wanted a unique ring as I am not one for jewellery and boy did he do well. There, in a little purple box , sat a stunning sapphire hugged by two diamonds, one of a kind, handmade ring By Angeline. I cried happy tears for a long, long time. The whole experience was very intimate, and I couldn’t have planned it more perfect myself, it was perfect for US.

As a wedding photographer and now bride to be I went into planning mode instantly. Very quickly we established what was going to be the most important things to us during the celebrations.

1. Good Food (Freddie’s only real contribution)

2. Good Booze

3. Good Party

We managed to compromise on some things along the way and ensure that the most important elements stay intact! We wanted it to be our way, and our style. Due to my Polish roots, we opted for a party near my hometown in Poland, in September 2021. We knew that getting married in a registry office was not for us, but we also knew we had to confirm everything legally.

Our October 2019 trip to California provided the perfect opportunity once we decided to stop over in Las Vegas. We threw the rule book out of the window when it came to traditions. No white dress, no cake, no fancy thrills! It was just us, my best friend who was a witness and our love for each other. It Was Perfect!

The conclusion to all this? Just have it your way, make sure you celebrate how the both of you wish to do so.

Fancy wearing a pink dress, DO IT!

No cake, no problem. GET A PINATA

Don’t want to wear a dress, BE BOLD!

Gents, no suit, NO WORRIES!

You want a big princess wedding, BRING ON THE CARRIAGE!

Love is unique so make the celebration unique. Do it in your style, however you want to.

After all, this is your day. So who the hell is going to stop you?

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